Thursday, April 30, 2009


Because I'm still sick and Swine Flu seems to be the hot story these days, I figured I'd make something about a health-related crisis. This picture is based on this news story about a guy with a hot wife that had tuberculosis, and went on an airplane, therefore risking spreading it and making everyone freak out.  I remember this 2007 story because, during my senior year english class, my teacher tried to relate it to the book "White Noise"- I don't quite remember the connection because I wasn't paying terrific attention. 
-Speaking of being out of it, I really need to apologize for the last post (this cycle of bad posts followed by apology posts, then followed by redemption-attempt posts seems to be a theme of this blog). That picture is truly heinous and I hate it because it got blue glitter all over my bed- which I was too sick and lazy to clean up until now. I want to make many more posts to get it to the next page so I don't have to see it. Sadly, it's not the worst of my nyquil/dayquil-induced moments of poor judgement/stupidity. Here are some examples of foolish things (that I can remember) that I've done lately under the influence of those dangerous products:
1. I poured a shot of dayquil and left it on my desk to drink after I got some things together. But, while on the ground getting my keys from off my floor, my power cord knocked the dayquil off the desk and it spilled onto my hair/face. For some reason, I noticed but didn't really care and was too consumed by my dayquil-daze to clean myself up and went about my business. 
2. Later that day, I left my cell phone and a pack of gum on a table in the dining hall- which is bad because I've been so good lately about not losing stuff. I noticed they were missing about 2 hours later and  returned, hoping they were still there. For some reason, the gum was gone, but the phone remained just where I left it. I'm a little perplexed as to why my way-cool TMobile Dash isn't as alluring to thieves as a 1/2 full pack of Dentyne Ice. I mean, from afar, it looks kinda like a blackberry- that's gotta give it a street value of like $10, right?


  1. it ok lovey i left my calculator under my desk at the SAT. BTDubbs nothing hotter than day quill hair it makes guys go nutZ(yes with a Z)

  2. my TI-83 must be somewhere around the house. it's wayyy cool. i covered it in the silver stuff from gum wrappers because i was so into calc and because i wanted to say mine was a "silver edition"- i have problems.
    -yeah, the dayquil hair was pretty attractive.