Thursday, April 16, 2009

resurrections/oh yoko

Here's a canal street knockoff/ bastard-offspring/counterfeit/sham version of an earlier picture called "Is It Done?".  I attempted this lame reproduction mostly because my portfolio is being reviewed, and I'm having a disturbingly hard time being separated from that picture. It seems like it had all the right aspects, and yet, it turned out so very wrong. 

Speaking of  debilitating emotional attachments to personal possessions, Goody (my sister), I hope your laptop survives! The only plus side of having a broken laptop I can think of is that, should you ever want to film a movie with a scene where a character goes psycho and destroys a laptop, you have the **perfect** prop. In the meantime, feel free to use my old-school iMac. You can rock out to all my favorite pre-2007 tunes, surf the internet at a leisurely pace, and play Snood!

Lastly, I made a quick picture of Jessica Simpson because, in the comments section of my last post, my Dad told me that I should draw pictures of "real men" and then listed Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, and Yoko Romo as potential subjects.  Because I don't believe he considers Jessica Simpson to be a "real man", I think he thought "Yoko Romo" referred to Tony Romo.  My Dad is not too pop-culturally aware (which is probably a good thing). 
-Here's a story showing how little he knows about celebrities. Since I'm lazy, I just copied/pasted from my facebook wall-to-wall with my sister:

A commercial for The Dark Knight came on TV a few days ago and, since dad has infamous confusion regarding who Heath Ledger is and if his name is Heath or Keith, when I saw the joker i was like, "dad, this is Heath Ledger". He replied, "okay". Sounds simple? NOT QUITE because he then said "Isn't he doing something at Penn's Landing tonight?". I was quite taken aback and was like, "Dad, Heath Ledger is not capable of doing much, besides decomposing". But then I realized the insane source of his confusion. He mixed up JOHN LEGEND with heath ledger. oh dear!
*I added a google-search trend-chart to show that he was apparently not the only one that had Heath Ledger name confusion after he died. 

-Ah! I wrote so much. Unfortunately,  I'm sensing that, with blog posts, the quality of my artwork and the length of my writing are inversely proportional. Now I get to write a real paper! :)


  1. Jodi,

    I thought your were "fishing for insults" not "dishing your insults." You did a nice job of drawing Jessica. That was my idea, so give me some credit. My next suggestions are (1) draw Tony Romo as a cross dresser, or (2) John McCain. McCain is really easy to draw, since you can't make him look too old. The only problem drawing McCain is that he is that he is whiter than the paper. Perhap a dark background might help.


  2. I think Jessica looks great! Next time do one of Robert Pattinson. Maybe you could sell it to a twilight fan.

  3. Hey Dad, Sorry for disrespecting you, blog-style. I really had a bad attitude during this post. It's been a rough week. To make amends, I shall draw................... SARAH PALIN!!!!!!!!

  4. The "GapTop" Lives! It required a quintuple bypass of broken solder joints on the power cord socket. The CD-ROM/DVD player is still broken and the "gap" remains, but it's ready for another school year.

    BTW, where is Sarah?


  5. YAY! It's a true "Lazarus"-- rising from the dead. Although, I wrote this awesome screenplay and the main scene has a character smash their laptop in a fit of rage- What'll I do for a prop now?

    -Sarah P. is coming. I just need to get healthy again and quit my dayquil/nyquil habit- which makes me verrrry lazy and makes it take twice as long for me to do everything.