Tuesday, February 24, 2009

if you like this blog/me making bad decisions.... you're in luck!

Unfortunately, I decided to be a quitter and drop my Color Theory class. Honestly it needed to be done because it felt like I was trapped in some real-life version of "No Exit". Plus, I'm making the campus a safer place because I'll no longer accidentally assault innocent people with my large portfolio.  Also, because I feel guilty about dropping the class, I'll now be compensating by making more art, which means.....MORE FREQUENT BLOG UPDATES! 

I just need to figure out how to to use my pricey Color supplies despite no longer taking the class. Hmm.... Let's see....
-exact-o knife: self-defense, recreational knife fights, self-mutilation
-rubber cement: cheap drugzz
-60$ color cards: chop them up to make the most luxurious, high-class confetti ever!
-ruler: disciplining others
-foam board: ?????? beats me!
-portfolio: carry it around to make myself look cool and artsy

yay update! (are you satisfied, dad?)

-Even though I'm currently on a time-consuming quest for academic redemption, I still managed to make a few new things. I think it's because I accidentally drank the dirty water I was using to wash paintbrushes (an extremely dumb move- because it wasn't even one of those "oops, wrong drink" situations- there was no decoy beverage. I just randomly drank paint). Luckily, I think it infused me with some sort of artistic essence, kind of like how Spiderman got his super powers! Except, that's a flawed comparison because Spiderman didn't eat or drink spiders- he was bitten by a spider. I guess, in order for my situation to truly parallel his, I would need to have been bitten by an artist or something, or Spiderman would have to digest webs or some other spider bi-product. Sadly, this weird paint/spider/Spiderman/me analogy will probably be plaguing my thoughts for quite awhile. 

-Anyhow, here's another redundant pattern picture. I'm not even going to apologize anymore. This is a self-indulgent art blog, not a self-deprecating art blog! I'm not hurting anybody, except maybe myself. Plus there are (subtle) nuances to the patterns and I do supplement them with other things.

 -Still, my inability to resist the allure of making these glittery abstracts makes me feel kind of foolish, so here are some pictures of people who are kind of foolish just like I am. 
^2 sleazy douchebags trying to look suave while chillin' at a nightclub
^ a girl in Wonderwoman inspired attire

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lost things :(, bonus things :), not dead things !!!!!!!!

I recently misplaced my journal. It's no great loss. I wasn't really going all Anne Frank with deep thoughts and profound observations about human nature. Plus, I never used it to gossip or talk trash about anybody, so there won't be any "scandalous diary on the loose!" drama. It was just supposed to be a place for me to write ideas down whenever inspiration struck (which NEVER happened when I actually had it). 
Overall, the journal never lived up to its potential, but I still feel the need to do a little homage to it. I randomly took some pictures of drawings from the journal   because my camera has no memory card and I need to upload my photos every 6 pictures, and it feels wrong to me to not use all 6 shots. In retrospect, it was a smart idea, i guess. So, here are the crowning achievements of my dearly departed journal: a glittery castle (plus a bonus, non-lost journal castle!) and the origins of the pattern I have become obsessed with/my descent into madness. 
The other thing is a picture/card thing I made to document a scary event I call "Attempted Rooicide '09". This weekend, my dog, Roo, either stupidly or intentionally due to V-day sorrow, ate m&ms. My parents were lazy and refused to induce vomiting or do anything, but I was so scared. He did survive- unless they're hiding his death from me, which would suck. 

pattern recognition/holding pattern

Unfortunately, I'm still hooked on using this pattern, even though it went really poorly last time. Usually I give up my vices after having a bad experience with them. I'm really sorry for being so boring. Trust me, I don't like it either. I do have some reasons to justify this incessant repetition.
1. This picture isn't so big, so I didn't end up devoting that much time to it that could be spent on new things
2. I haven't been in the proper mindset to spice things up creatively, so I had to resort to my old tricks to get anything made at all. Basically, I've been feeling insane and weird, so I decided to take an "off week", where I did the minimum amount of work I could get away with  in order to have time for personal reflection. Aside from the obvious self-destructive nature of this plan, it completely failed because embracing a dysfunctional and crazy, Bartleby-esque lifestyle generally does not help you feel any less dysfunctional and crazy. 
3. I see variations of this pattern everywhere, so it's always on my mind. 
^ the sky on this japanese landscape woodblock print ^ this album cover

^ this cute map!

4. Since my excuses could potentially be interpreted as "this wasn't a very ambitious project", "I'm neurotic", and "This pattern is derivative and unoriginal", I must also defend this picture  by stating its ultimate redeeming feature...  it ****SPARKLES****

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

eccentricity vs. insanity

Today the weather is abnormally wonderful for February- warm, sunny, another adjective indicating pleasant weather. On the surface, it seems pretty dumb to be blogging during this rare opportunity to be outside. However this post is incredibly relevant to the meteorological strangeness I'm experiencing. 
-absurd weather conditions>>>>>>absurd pictures
-It's nice to write about subjects  like the weather that pertain to everybody. It prevents my commentary from becoming entirely self-referential
-The first picture is of beauty pageant contestants and some toxic spill thing
-The second is a rather spontaneous, in-class drawing featuring 50 Cent, Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons, and Rev Run. It's dear to my heart because I made it using a fancy pencil that my drawing teacher (for whom I have entirely unrequited love) gave to me. It wasn't actually explicitly "given", more like she never asked for it back- a morally ambiguous situation. The pencil's name is "Ebony Black", and it's a holy relic in my eyes.
-The third is of a girl in a nurse hat and her flamboyant, male companion
-Leah, thanks for adding my blog! I'm trying to follow yours in return, but I genuinely can't figure out how to do it. This is how blog-incompetent I am: I saw icons of a wrench and screwdriver (that the blog user clicks on to edit things). However, in my head, i was like "what are these tool decorations doing here? this is not a handyman's blog?!" In my defense, those tools are a little too hardcore to represent the rearranging of blog formats.

Monday, February 9, 2009

sketchbook drawings- *****celebrity edition*****

-These are: 1 (failed) britney spears and 2 victoria beckhams. One day I shall conquer you, britney! 
-It's interesting how my passion for blogging is directly proportional to my desire not to write essays

downgrade/this blog is an oracle?

Here's the finished version of the picture I posted earlier.  I'm not pleased with how it turned out. I made it look really stoner-ish- and not in a good way. It's pretty ironic how I joked that any changes I would make to the old version would be for the worse... and then it happened!  I never realized my lame, blog jokes about hypothetical situations would be so prophetic! Maybe this blog really has mystical powers of predicting the future, and whatever I write shall happen! If that's the case, expect commentary of a very self-serving nature.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sketchbook drawings

untitled big picture

At the moment, all I've given you are sinister shapes, a girl with rockin' boobs hanging out in a jacuzzi, and some burning ships- some would say that's all you really need in life. However, I figured it was time to bring out my HUGE mural thing. It's a futuristic sort of street scene where an attractive/suspicious-looking couple pushing a stroller walks down a block past 3 weird prostitutes. It's this very piece that made me realize I'm kind of an art lesbian. When it comes to drawing people, I definitely have a preference for hot chicks! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hey mom- you modern, tech-savvy lady!

Mom, since you're my very first "follower", this one goes out to y-o-u! It's a continuation of the series (euphemism)/rut (truth) shown in the first posts. It's a work in progress, so if I were to show you THIS one and your response was "Is it done?", it would be neither offensive nor soul-crushing! Although, with my luck, you'd be like "ooh! i love it this way! don't change anything, or it will be a downgrade!"

Ship Crash Thing pt. 3

Ship Crash Thing pt. 2

Ship Crash Thing pt. 1

the next 3 posts are all kind of experimental interpretations of this ^ image:
*i'm really not trying to be flaunt-y by giving multiple pictures of each thing. It's just that, what my photos lack in quality, i'm trying to make up for with quantity- or something.

Title: Gold Bikini Slut<3

Lavender (?) Version

Gold Version

Title: Is it Done? (thanks mom!)