Wednesday, February 11, 2009

eccentricity vs. insanity

Today the weather is abnormally wonderful for February- warm, sunny, another adjective indicating pleasant weather. On the surface, it seems pretty dumb to be blogging during this rare opportunity to be outside. However this post is incredibly relevant to the meteorological strangeness I'm experiencing. 
-absurd weather conditions>>>>>>absurd pictures
-It's nice to write about subjects  like the weather that pertain to everybody. It prevents my commentary from becoming entirely self-referential
-The first picture is of beauty pageant contestants and some toxic spill thing
-The second is a rather spontaneous, in-class drawing featuring 50 Cent, Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons, and Rev Run. It's dear to my heart because I made it using a fancy pencil that my drawing teacher (for whom I have entirely unrequited love) gave to me. It wasn't actually explicitly "given", more like she never asked for it back- a morally ambiguous situation. The pencil's name is "Ebony Black", and it's a holy relic in my eyes.
-The third is of a girl in a nurse hat and her flamboyant, male companion
-Leah, thanks for adding my blog! I'm trying to follow yours in return, but I genuinely can't figure out how to do it. This is how blog-incompetent I am: I saw icons of a wrench and screwdriver (that the blog user clicks on to edit things). However, in my head, i was like "what are these tool decorations doing here? this is not a handyman's blog?!" In my defense, those tools are a little too hardcore to represent the rearranging of blog formats.

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