Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yay update! (are you satisfied, dad?)

-Even though I'm currently on a time-consuming quest for academic redemption, I still managed to make a few new things. I think it's because I accidentally drank the dirty water I was using to wash paintbrushes (an extremely dumb move- because it wasn't even one of those "oops, wrong drink" situations- there was no decoy beverage. I just randomly drank paint). Luckily, I think it infused me with some sort of artistic essence, kind of like how Spiderman got his super powers! Except, that's a flawed comparison because Spiderman didn't eat or drink spiders- he was bitten by a spider. I guess, in order for my situation to truly parallel his, I would need to have been bitten by an artist or something, or Spiderman would have to digest webs or some other spider bi-product. Sadly, this weird paint/spider/Spiderman/me analogy will probably be plaguing my thoughts for quite awhile. 

-Anyhow, here's another redundant pattern picture. I'm not even going to apologize anymore. This is a self-indulgent art blog, not a self-deprecating art blog! I'm not hurting anybody, except maybe myself. Plus there are (subtle) nuances to the patterns and I do supplement them with other things.

 -Still, my inability to resist the allure of making these glittery abstracts makes me feel kind of foolish, so here are some pictures of people who are kind of foolish just like I am. 
^2 sleazy douchebags trying to look suave while chillin' at a nightclub
^ a girl in Wonderwoman inspired attire

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  1. Jodi,

    Yes I'm satisfied for now. Keep the art flowing.

    Please, when picking your poisons, follow Rou's example and stick to M&M(s).