Monday, June 29, 2009

(belated) father's day post

-My dad is probably my #1 blog-fan and he just made my computer SO much faster by adding new memory (seriously, it's so good. no more "force quit" and "rainbow circle mouse"!), so I wanted do a post for him.
-I made a picture of Pamela Anderson because I think she's his celeb-crush (Or maybe it's just my grandma's boyfriend, Moe, who likes her because they're both Canadian- I don't know, what's done is done)
After looking at pictures of her for ideas, I've decided that I actually like her too because we kind of have similar "casual dress" styles.
*edit: I was totally wrong about my dad liking Pam Anderson, but he does think she's definitely more appealing than Kate of "...+ 8".
-I've been slacking off lately and things seem to be in a rut, but I'll get my act together. I really want to diversify what I make, so I'm planning on going on some sort of "inspiration quest" to get some new ideas- We'll see how that goes!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


-I screwed up time-management wise, so all I have to post is this unfinished picture from a photo of a woman who's participating in some sort of festival in Brazil- maybe Carnival? I'll get my act together and put up the finished version (+ some other stuff) by tomorrow morning. It's lame that I couldn't handle my rather undemanding 2x a week schedule- trust me, I'm really working on changing my ways.
-However, when I post unfinished things and then later the finished version, I am making this blog more interactive by providing everyone with the chance to play a rousing game of "Upgrade or Downgrade?"
*edit: the finished version is added. i'll make something else later and put it up.

Monday, June 22, 2009

a virtual fiesta

-My 50th Anniversary Post ended up being pretty boring, so I figured needed to make the 51st a true party! This post is pretty crazy, so if you're unlike me and actually have to deal with a 9 to 5 lifestyle, you probably should wait for the weekend to experience it.
-I finally think I made a decent looking Britney Spears picture. Recently, my sister mentioned something about how Britney once said that the thing she wanted most was to have an island where she could be left alone and have privacy, but the paparazzi even managed to find her when she went to Mel Gibson's private island. So, I kind of went with that island-searching theme, but decided against including the Mel Gibson part- which was probably for the best.
-Then, here's a photo of a couple at a club or something
-Lastly, here's a little abstract thing that I made while being an insomniac. It ended up looking sort of phallic, which maybe enhances the party-ness of this post?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 dog year=7 human years, 1 blog year= ??????

50 Posts! OMG! I feel like that means something.
I should probably commemorate this milestone by listening to 50Cent, watching "50 First Dates", and then paying for something that costs fifty dollars using only half dollar coins.
Unfortunately, i've been distracted, so all I have to post today is this thing, which I don't like at all (seriously, it's pretty heinous). The next post will be a proper celebration.

Monday, June 15, 2009

jock jams cover art?

^hott cheerleader

-I figured posting a picture of cheerleaders could function as a sort of pep rally for the upcoming *!***50th Post***!*
- I also drew these cheerleaders because, even though they usually never revise contracts, the Eagles decided to give Donovan McNabb more money, and I can't stop thinking about this lame decision.
-Also, the ladies in my drawing are rather faceless/abstract, and I wanted to make sure everyone got their "hot cheerleader" fix. So, I added a great picture that I found while internet-searching for ideas . Sorry if it's just too provocative.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

common denominator: these things are all creepy

1. Tyra's not really that creepy- except when she "interviewed" Obama, and made me uncomfortable on his behalf
2. disappearing airplanes
3. this magazine cover: Maybe I need to get my mind out of the gutter, but I think the phrase "get wet" should be avoided when writing headlines for preteen girl's magazines. ACTUALLY, I'm right, because I just googled the phrases "get wet" and "teen girls"- the results did not have anything to do with water-related activities. Instead, they were pretty risque and made me feel like some sort of cyber sexual deviant. Still, I'm really intrigued by those "frozen treats".
4. this place

Thursday, June 11, 2009


-The first thing is an unfinished picture of Tyra Banks. I chose to draw her because, yesterday, at my magazine internship, I was compiling a database of potential models. Evaluating people's profiles on "Model Mayhem", a social networking site for aspiring models, helped me relate to Tyra when she's working on America's Next Top Model. While seeing how unimpressive many of the individuals who perceive themselves as "model material" are really improved my looks-related self-confidence, the whole experience left me feeling kind of misanthropic.
-I also chose to draw Tyra because my Grandma <3loves<3 watching Top Model and I figured I could give her this picture. She really deserves a little gift from me because she gave me a lot of fun stuff after organizing a room in her house. One of the fun things she gave me is this weird story/drawing I made back in the day. I don't really get it, nor do I recall ever living in a place with more trees than there are at my current house.
-This post is pretty half-assed, so I'll do another one tomorrow. This bonus post is in no way a sign of a good work ethic. Instead, it's basically a sign that I'm way bored.
*correction: the bonus post will actually be on saturday. the weather today is too nice today for blogging

Monday, June 8, 2009

Title: Is it Done? ****summer version****

Is it done??????????  Apparently not!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dark room photos/color card castle

-The first two pictures are photos I took at the zoo. 
-The second is another castle thing. This time it's made of these very expensive color cards I bought for a Color Theory class that I dropped last semester. They're actually pretty fun to use.
-I wish I had more to show right now. Unfortunately, instead of working on a cool thing for the blog, I've been obsessively searching for a way to deal with this itchy sunburn that I got yesterday. I tried consulting my typical forum for health problems, Yahoo Answers. However, most of their suggestions required me to go to a drugstore (or an apothecary), which I was too lazy to do. 
Luckily, a website called gave me a weird cure---- deodorant. Thanks to that surprising home remedy (plus classy daytime drinking and self-pity), I'm feeling pretty good. 

These were the "related questions" on Once again, they get an A+ from me because these TOTALLY are the other questions that are always on my mind!
-What is the price of a pack of marlboro in new york city
-Is there protein in sperm
-How old is bradley cooper
-Who invented to ak47
-What does A D mean
-What are some fun things to do this summer 

Monday, June 1, 2009

blah picture/party @ the kremlin

-I really don't think making this qualifies as "stepping up my game", which I promised to do after my last post. Fortunately, I just had a very materialistic epiphany that I'll be able conquer my summer laziness if I buy some fun art supplies. 
-This is just something I did while tabling at this art fair this weekend- I'm a super professional intern.
-Lastly, this video is CraZy. I personally feel like it's the new summer jam.