Monday, June 22, 2009

a virtual fiesta

-My 50th Anniversary Post ended up being pretty boring, so I figured needed to make the 51st a true party! This post is pretty crazy, so if you're unlike me and actually have to deal with a 9 to 5 lifestyle, you probably should wait for the weekend to experience it.
-I finally think I made a decent looking Britney Spears picture. Recently, my sister mentioned something about how Britney once said that the thing she wanted most was to have an island where she could be left alone and have privacy, but the paparazzi even managed to find her when she went to Mel Gibson's private island. So, I kind of went with that island-searching theme, but decided against including the Mel Gibson part- which was probably for the best.
-Then, here's a photo of a couple at a club or something
-Lastly, here's a little abstract thing that I made while being an insomniac. It ended up looking sort of phallic, which maybe enhances the party-ness of this post?

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