Monday, June 29, 2009

(belated) father's day post

-My dad is probably my #1 blog-fan and he just made my computer SO much faster by adding new memory (seriously, it's so good. no more "force quit" and "rainbow circle mouse"!), so I wanted do a post for him.
-I made a picture of Pamela Anderson because I think she's his celeb-crush (Or maybe it's just my grandma's boyfriend, Moe, who likes her because they're both Canadian- I don't know, what's done is done)
After looking at pictures of her for ideas, I've decided that I actually like her too because we kind of have similar "casual dress" styles.
*edit: I was totally wrong about my dad liking Pam Anderson, but he does think she's definitely more appealing than Kate of "...+ 8".
-I've been slacking off lately and things seem to be in a rut, but I'll get my act together. I really want to diversify what I make, so I'm planning on going on some sort of "inspiration quest" to get some new ideas- We'll see how that goes!


  1. Jodi, I'm glad the memory works for you! Moe must be he Pamela fan. I'm more partial to Jen or Cameron. Can you draw me on of them? Kate is almost cute, but she needs an ego tuck.
    The real Pam picture is very cool, but much of its beauty was lost in the scanner. Also, draw T.O., perhaps as Hermes.
    Your biggest fan,

  2. thanks dad,
    if you wanna try and re-scan that picture for me, feel free (hint, hint)! i'll take your suggestions into consideration.
    ^since you can't get enough T.O., here's something to hold you over. i'm not gonna lie, it's pretty poorly done. although, in hindsight it's really ironic. still, the time is right for a sequel-rap!