Monday, November 30, 2009

PRINTSton university

Here's a preliminary sketch for some linocut prints I'll be making. Some say it looks like totem poles. Others say it has some sort of owl action going on. Both interpretations are cool with me
I'll put up the printed version pretty soon (tomorrow, I think?). Be warned, my finished prints tend to have a weird, unpleasantly childlike aesthetic-- sort of like "outsider art", minus the crazy life story. I think it's because I'm a bad ink-mixologist.
-Finals are approaching, so there could be a period of total blog-decline. Or, maybe I'll make lots of stuff to deal with academic stress? I'm not sure.
*sorry the finished one isn't up yet. if I don't have time to finish it tonight, it'll definitely be done after my printmaking class tomorrow morning.

Friday, November 27, 2009

home shopping network

I've been pretty consumed by the holiday spirit, so I didn't really finish anything good for this post, and I'm really grasping at straws.
Here are some little necklaces I've been making for myself in my spare time. I think they're kind of cute for being mostly free/recycled, if you layer them with other things. And, last week, a woman asked me where I got the blue/orange one, and now I'm making one for her-- in exchange for $$$$$!
-the top one is made of extra plexiglass that from my light sculptures. The second one is made from a hardened piece of glitter glue. I'm not going to reveal what the other two are made from because some people think it's sort of gross (it's really not gross, more like "unexpected").
-I'm having my sister help me finally tell the 'all the proms' story-- so expect that soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

pyramid scheme

Here's a very unfinished picture based on the photo below. I just thought the photo and its accompanying news story were sort of amusing. Plus, I made it to take a little break from the BIG boat picture I've been working on. When I finish this picture up, I'll probably start deviating from the photo a lot.
This whole Beyonce vs. the Egyptologist situation is quite the ethical debate. On the one hand, you should pay attention when someone's showing you some cool stuff. But, on the other hand, the Egyptologist was way too harsh. As someone who's been unjustly called out for being a bad tour participant (Strasburg Railroad/Richard Wall House Historic Museum/various college tours), I think I'm on Beyonce's side.
-Sorry if this post is lacking. I just wanted to make sure I have some things in the works for Friday before travelling/thanksgiving start to occupy my time.

Friday, November 20, 2009

lavoro d'ufficio

Unfortunately, I recently learned that most of the sources I was planning on using for a paper are in Italian, so I have some serious researching to take care of, and I don't have time to post anything today.
I promise, I'll get things back on track. I'm making myself do some hardcore studio work this weekend, so Monday's post will definitely have something decent.
-This is not how I wanted to inaugurate the new blog-century...
*the 'all the proms' sculpture story is coming too. i don't know why i've been hyping this art-story so much-- it's no "da vinci code".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


-Here are some photos of my finished wood sculpture. I'll add the exciting story of it tomorrow. It's really hard to write! I guess it's such a multifaceted tale that it kind of defies written documentation.

****OMG 100 POSTS****

***EDIT: I won't be posting the story of the sculpture until Friday (I'm way behind on my assignments). Plus, it's about a real person, and I need to make sure I'm being respectful. It's never cool to use yr blog to make fun of people.

Monday, November 16, 2009

island+ technical documents

-Here's my third sculpture project. This time, the assignment was to make something using wood. Even though my craftsmanship is still pretty shoddy, I think I ended up learning some important wood-related skills. And it's been cool to see the things other people in my class are building
-It's basically a reinterpretation of an aesthetic I've used really recently already, which I now think is kind of boring. I just thought the island/castle/flag thing went well with the narrative theme I was going for, because it sort of involves claiming territory.
-It's still pretty unfinished, but it's due tomorrow, so after my fun all-nighter, I'll post the finished sculpture either tomorrow or Wednesday, and tell the weird (and possibly controversial), real-life story that inspired it. Prepare yourself, it's a complex tale that involves high school proms, a new unit of measurement, and a patron of the arts.
*I added some of my very advanced 'architectural drafts' just to give a sneak peak at what it'll end up like.

Friday, November 13, 2009

so many splinters

Here are some woodblock stencils I'm making for my printmaking class.
The last one is part of a diptych that we were assigned to make.
The top two stencils are going to be part of the "book" we're supposed to make as our final project. For the book, I think I'm going to go with an outer space/astronaut theme. I think I'll make a lot of retro-looking pictures of stars/planets/etc using woodblock printing, like these ones. Then, I'll contrast those with some more technical looking prints based on these space station diagrams and other weird NASA documents using the more sleek, screen-print techniques.
-Sorry if this post is kind of dull. Monday's post might get pretty insane, so I figured it would be best to keep things really low-key for now.

Monday, November 9, 2009

thin ice

Here's the (mostly) finished picture. I still need to tweak a few things. And I'll try and take some higher quality pictures of it pretty soon. I realized that I neglected to mention before that this picture was also significantly based off of an earlier picture I made back in September.
It's basically a weird narrative about an unconventional team of scientists researching glacial melting. I'm pretty drained right now, so I can't really articulate a better explanation at the moment, but I don't really think it needs one-- it's nothing too deep.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

cast of characters/brief explanation

Since my posts for this week were pretty bad, I figured I needed to do an extra post to improve blog-quality. So, here are some preliminary sketches that I'll either re-draw or collage onto the big picture I'm making. They'll make some sense once they're all in context-- hopefully.
The "source material" for this picture is this exhibit I saw over the summer, these pictures, renaissance fresco painting, and global warming. I'll explain further when it's done.

these photos were also "source material", I guess

Friday, November 6, 2009

celebrity dj 2.0+random

The extravaganza isn't ready yet (insert lame excuse), so all I have to post are some truly random things:
-the finished dj girl
-a little sketch
-cool trash!
Seriously though, on Monday, the slump will end and I'll finally show the big picture I've been inadvertently hyping with all these delays