Tuesday, September 29, 2009


No map today. Sorry!
I'm feeling kind of post-Yom Kippur sick (seriously, fasting might not be good for yr immune system), and it's apparently going to be rainy again today, and I'm very lazy.
This whole "yes. no. tomorrow. not tomorrow" mess is NOT part of any "artistic concept"
At least I now know what 6am is like....still dark, bird sounds, trucks delivering things! It's pretty cool. I've been missing out

Monday, September 28, 2009

lacking originality

-All I finished over the weekend is this picture I'm going to use to make a print from. It's basically a copy of a screenshot from the movie Cleopatra (I guess I figured Warhol made a pretty cool print based on that movie, so I'd try it too?). I feel really lame because last post's picture came from a movie too. I really need to get some original ideas.
-Then, I augmented that same boat picture one more time. Don't worry, this will truly be the last you'll ever see of it.

-Also, check back tomorrow in the AM because I'll finally post that treasure map. I think, with the aid of superglue, those pink "paradise" letters will stop falling off. Getting them to stick was seriously a miserable struggle, and it was at its worst when I was perusing good old perezhilton.com and his wacky header appeared to be taunting me with its falling pink letters.

Friday, September 25, 2009


-Here's a little sketch I made while I was in the printmaking studio waiting for the print I was working on to be ready to go through the press. My homework for that class is to make a picture about a dream-- and maybe, because it involves a bed, this picture qualifies? If not, I hope I have some cool dreams really soon because the one I had last night was about french toast, which probably isn't the most compelling subject matter.
-Also, I realized I kind of lied in my last post when I said I had no experience with woodworking. The truth is, in junior high, we had this 8-week woodworking class, and I made some pretty rad bookends as well as a little shelf. If I ever find that shelf around my house, I might put pictures of in on here just so I could make a post entitled "shelf-indulgent art blog".
-This post is pretty lame, but Monday's post should have a lot going on because I have a critique on Wednesday, and I'm going to make something for that this weekend. I'll also finally put up that map. I was going to start the hunt today, but the letters on the "paradise" one keep falling off-- which seems like some sort of weird allegory.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

treasure hunt

-Here's my first sculpture project. The assignment was to use only items/skills you already have. I don't have any real experience with conventional sculpture techniques like ceramics, metalwork, or woodwork yet, so I utilized my skills of being crafty and detail oriented, I guess?
I decided to make a little, interactive "Treasure Hunt". These 5 boxes are the treasures, and I'll hide them around campus for people to find and keep if they want them.
To find the boxes, I made maps that show where the boxes are located. Hopefully people will be able to interpret the maps even though they're completely not drawn to scale and I chose to omit a lot of buildings/roads (I have no future in cartography). Once the boxes are all hidden, I'll post the maps around campus and put them in random people's mailboxes. I'll post the map on here too (viral marketing??)
These photos pretty poorly done, so I'll probably replace them with new and improved ones later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

battleship III v. 2.0

I've been pretty busy making my sculpture project, so all I did for this post was change around the boat picture from the previous post. I'm about to start making a really big version of that and, at my last critique, someone suggested using color on the boats, so I wanted to see how that would look before starting that. I still want to change how the sky looks, but, alas, I have to get to a screening, so that'll just have to wait.
Also, check back tomorrow for a !!!***BONUS***!!! post featuring my first attempt at non-2D art.

Friday, September 18, 2009

battleship III/"where the magic happens"

-First, here's another boat picture that I made for my aunt and her husband as a little housewarming present. I'll touch it up and add some detailing once it's less wet.
-Then, here are some pics of my new studio. I had the choice between a big studio, or a more "pleasant" one with a window, and I opted for size. Some say it looks like a meth lab, but I think it looks more like the break room at a Home Depot. Plus, maybe it'll be cool having no window-- kind of like when you go into a movie theater during the day, and by the time you leave, it's night and it's sort of disorienting.
-Next week, I'll be posting on Tuesday and Monday because my first sculpture project will be ready that day. Right now, it's a bit of a mess, and I'm feeling like some sort of incompetent event planner trying to put it together, but I *think* it'll work out.

Monday, September 14, 2009


-I've been pretty off-track lately, so all I have is this cartoonish sketch of a lady in an egyptian costume that I started making while in class.
-Also, I have to reveal what that property I wrote about on Friday is. It's my new art studio! It's really big-- almost too big. I would've posted some pictures, but I don't have card access to that building yet, so I couldn't get in to take any. I'll get some up sometime soon. It'll be like MTV Cribs.
-I was looking forward to flaunting pictures of my new studio, but, since that didn't pan out, I feel the need to show off my other new and really exciting possessions in order to get my bragging fix.
They are: a light for my closet, a new power cord, and a cake-serving knife with a built-in holder for matches. Exhilarating.
-Also, if you're in the vassar/poughkeepsie area, you should stop by the palmer gallery in the college center and check out the art major's summer show and see some of my pictures in person + a lot of cool stuff by other students

Friday, September 11, 2009


-Unfortunately, I don't have anything to put up for today. I think I'm just kind of drained art-wise because I had a really long critique this week. It actually went well. The boat pictures were a big hit (as were my shoes, but thats unrelated). Also, one lady asked me if this picture I put up was a self-portrait-- which was interesting.
-I could've posted the things I've made during painting class, but they're so lame, and I don't want to subject anyone to that.

-ALSO, I just inherited a rather significant piece of art-related property, so, on Monday, expect pictures of my new and exciting acquisition. I'm sorry if I'm being cryptic-- I just think the reveal should be somewhat dramatic.

Monday, September 7, 2009

long weekend

1. My family went to the beach this weekend, and even though having a 4-day weekend was pretty sweet, I was still a little jealous that they were on vacation, so I did a picture from a photo of Paris Hilton on a yacht or something. I don't really get my thought process.
2. I've been kind of nervous about painting class, because I only really use paint to color in drawings that are almost complete, so I tried to do a picture basically only using paint. It was a good learning experience, maybe?
3. A tiny sketch-- looks kind of mountainous
-Sorry for all the Michael Jackson's lately. I must remind myself, this isn't a Michael Jackson artblog. I've put myself on MJ probation

Friday, September 4, 2009

smooth criminal/i want netflix

-The first week of classes was pretty tiring, so all I made was another tiny MJ sketch (they're in demand, believe it or not). I actually made it this morning while watching this movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator. I watched the movie on my computer using this really bootleg Chinese website that kept stalling to load, so making this picture kept me occupied while the movie was "buffering".
-I have a 4-day weekend, and some art homework, so I have no excuse not to have some decent stuff for monday.