Friday, September 18, 2009

battleship III/"where the magic happens"

-First, here's another boat picture that I made for my aunt and her husband as a little housewarming present. I'll touch it up and add some detailing once it's less wet.
-Then, here are some pics of my new studio. I had the choice between a big studio, or a more "pleasant" one with a window, and I opted for size. Some say it looks like a meth lab, but I think it looks more like the break room at a Home Depot. Plus, maybe it'll be cool having no window-- kind of like when you go into a movie theater during the day, and by the time you leave, it's night and it's sort of disorienting.
-Next week, I'll be posting on Tuesday and Monday because my first sculpture project will be ready that day. Right now, it's a bit of a mess, and I'm feeling like some sort of incompetent event planner trying to put it together, but I *think* it'll work out.


  1. We love it....the aunt and her husband! Especially if it came from your very own Meth Lab.....

  2. yay! you could have one of the previous boat ones instead, now that i got them back from the art show. unfortunately, all of them were pretty much made outside of the meth lab.
    sorry for the awkward "my aunt and her husband" phrasing, i never know what to say since i never say "uncle dan" because i was already old when you guys got married, and esther doesn't want to be called "aunt esther".

    *i'll also relay this message on a more reliable form of communication