Monday, September 14, 2009


-I've been pretty off-track lately, so all I have is this cartoonish sketch of a lady in an egyptian costume that I started making while in class.
-Also, I have to reveal what that property I wrote about on Friday is. It's my new art studio! It's really big-- almost too big. I would've posted some pictures, but I don't have card access to that building yet, so I couldn't get in to take any. I'll get some up sometime soon. It'll be like MTV Cribs.
-I was looking forward to flaunting pictures of my new studio, but, since that didn't pan out, I feel the need to show off my other new and really exciting possessions in order to get my bragging fix.
They are: a light for my closet, a new power cord, and a cake-serving knife with a built-in holder for matches. Exhilarating.
-Also, if you're in the vassar/poughkeepsie area, you should stop by the palmer gallery in the college center and check out the art major's summer show and see some of my pictures in person + a lot of cool stuff by other students

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