Friday, September 4, 2009

smooth criminal/i want netflix

-The first week of classes was pretty tiring, so all I made was another tiny MJ sketch (they're in demand, believe it or not). I actually made it this morning while watching this movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator. I watched the movie on my computer using this really bootleg Chinese website that kept stalling to load, so making this picture kept me occupied while the movie was "buffering".
-I have a 4-day weekend, and some art homework, so I have no excuse not to have some decent stuff for monday.


  1. That sounds like a surreal movie.

  2. -it was a pretty weird movie, but it had its moments. it had cool cinematography too. ( i'm really not the person to get movie recommendations from though. i saw like 3 movies this summer- one of which was "funny people")

    -thanks! i tried out using watercolors, which was new for me