Thursday, December 31, 2009


Unfortunately, I've been distracted by nice weather, and I'm leaving today to spend New Years in Savannah, so I didn't make anything decent enough to post for today. Sorry for messing up. I'll get it together once I'm back home with internet access/alone time/more supplies.
Fortunately, while spending time in the Floridian homes of my grandparents and their friends, I've encountered some pretty fantastic works of art. So, here's a little showcase of my favorites. I think this collection could give MoMA a run for its money
a sculpture of an ambiguously-gendered seashell collector

a towel that looks a lot like my linocut prints

fish-shaped bling. shiny!

so bossy

A+ use of ellipses on this print

Monday, December 28, 2009

family collaboration post!

All I have for this post is a few more of those girl drawings for the big picture I'm starting. I think I'll end up making 19 of them overall, but, don't worry, I'll definitely switch things up soon.
I haven't had much "me time" during this vacation to make new stuff, but, fortunately, my family pitched in to spice things up a bit!

First, a PSA courtesy of my dad concerning elevator safety rules:

beware of the smoker's pole!

in case of fire, run up the stairs backwards

Then, here's a picture by Goody!

It's hard out there for a wi-fi poacher. No supplier is good enough to deserve a shout out this time

Friday, December 25, 2009

wi-fi supplier: CasaMarOutdoor1

Here are some preliminary drawings for a big picture I'm making that'll end up being quite similar to the iceberg one when it's all put together. Sorry it's not much. Hopefully I'll get my proverbial groove back while on vacation and get some good ideas. I already think being on vacation is helping me get some quality thoughts:

Vacation Revelation #1
If you get a tattoo of your boyfriend's name, and then he cheats on you, simply add some exclamation points to it

Monday, December 21, 2009

last print/still friday

With this (pretty unremarkable) print, the print-era is over! Sorry there's nothing truly new to post. I have no good excuse.
This week, I'll do my second post on Wednesday, instead of Friday, because I'll be in Florida then, and I'm not sure if I'll have a good internet connection there.
Last year in Florida, I was able to sneak onto a wi-fi network with the very appealing name of "Infected", but I can't really rely on that network working out again. Nonetheless, I'll try my best to keep up with posting-- even if it means I have to do some serious wi-fi hunting.
**edit: I was definitely jumping the gun when I said I could have a post ready for Wednesday, so check back on Friday, and I'll most likely have something up by then.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

another one

Another post this week?! OMG, rite? Even though I’ve been way prolific lately, try to remember, I’m still just a person-- a person who's packing up on Friday, and will probably break the schedule and not post that day :(
Here’s most of the rest of my printmaking book project. I take back my previous whining. It’s pretty enjoyable when you’re not all by yourself for a very long time. My only complaint is that I feel like printmaking makes you lose weight because you spend so much time doing it that you miss meals, it's too messy to eat while you do it, it’s kind of physically active, and you feel nauseous after inhaling chemicals for hours so you don’t want to eat.
While working yesterday, I was thinking about this predicament and came up with a printmaking-related Yo Dawg Yo::

“Yo Dawg, I heard you like weight loss, so I put paint thinner in yr slimfast, so you can get thinner while you get thinner”

It’s probably not funny. I just like that meme so much. If only I had a friend like Xhibit who was thoughtful enough to put things I like in other things I like so that I could enjoy them while I enjoy them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are some new, two-faced prints for my final project. I'm pretty desperate to make new posts to push that video-blog away from sight. Although, I do look like some kind of cool, karate-chopping robot in the screenshot the video shows when it's not in play mode.
Sorry if all these similar prints are really boring. It's no fun making them anymore. The studio is such a mess, and I think it's a solid example of 'tragedy of the commons'. Luckily, print-season is almost over
*Also, if you're on the Vassar campus and heading to or from the ever-popular library, check out the bunker my sculpture class made as our group project. It holds a fake corpse of Matthew Vassar. Unfortunately, I was pretty delirious after setting it up in the snow, and for some reason told a bunch of people the corpse was Michael Jackson (which, in retrospect, I would have liked).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

situation tragedy

Here's the video blog that finally tells the story behind 'all the proms'. I think, for this one, I'm kind of chanelling those video blogs people record while on ambien, or an episode of Intervention.
It's very long (seriously, in this time, you could watch 1/3 of your favorite half-hour tv program), so FEEL FREE TO ABSTAIN FROM WATCHING!!!!
My webcam application kept stalling out, so I had to splice three smaller videos together, and there are some sound/pixelation issues-- but, sadly, those technical issues are the least of this video's problems.

I must reiterate, the person who the sculpture is devoted to is a COOL GUY. He's actually the person who made ***Poolchair Graveyard***

^evidently, he's a graveyard fan

*I might add another post tonight that actually contains some new pictures (more prints. surprise, surprise)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are some 'fresh prints', if you will. Sorry I was so late getting things together.
While in the printmaking studio, I actually recorded a video-blog that addresses the 'all the proms story'. Even though it's too long, and likely very gross, I'll upload it. But first, since it involves people she knows, I think I need to get my sister's approval, which will have to wait a bit because i don't believe she's up at 6AM on a Saturday.
EDIT:: the video isn't really uploading for some reason (maybe I lack bandwith??), but I'll try to take care of that soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

linocuts 2.0

Here are some more of those same linocut prints from friday. If you enjoy them, you're in luck because I've decided to switch my plan for my printmaking final project and make a book of these sort of Pacific Northwest Native American-inspired, vaguely anthropomorphic prints.
I guess I just really like doing linocut prints because it feels like you're working with all these independent/dependent variables or something.
-I have all these loose ends i haven't tied up (the light sculpture video, the 'all the proms' story, finished versions, better photos, etc.). even though times are madd hard right now, and I don't really know how to do it, I think I'll try my best to make things right for my own peace of mind.

Friday, December 4, 2009


-Here are some of the linocut prints based on Monday's sketch. The top one might be done, but I'm making 6 of them-- and they're all in various stages of completion.
Linocut printing has left me with many hand-wounds which look kind of neat and give me the chance to play entertaining games of "is this red ink or blood on my hands?"
-Then, here are some photos I took when I was in Florida. It's kind of cheating since they're not recent, but I definitely do want to take photos and start using my darkroom at home again during winter break, so I guess you can expect some of that eventually.
-Sorry in advance if my posts start getting pretty meager. I've really screwed up, and things are pretty sad right now. Plus, this is going to be a library-weekend, so I can't envision myself making something I really like for a bit.
-On a happy note, Allen Iverson is back with the Sixers! Some things work out!