Friday, September 25, 2009


-Here's a little sketch I made while I was in the printmaking studio waiting for the print I was working on to be ready to go through the press. My homework for that class is to make a picture about a dream-- and maybe, because it involves a bed, this picture qualifies? If not, I hope I have some cool dreams really soon because the one I had last night was about french toast, which probably isn't the most compelling subject matter.
-Also, I realized I kind of lied in my last post when I said I had no experience with woodworking. The truth is, in junior high, we had this 8-week woodworking class, and I made some pretty rad bookends as well as a little shelf. If I ever find that shelf around my house, I might put pictures of in on here just so I could make a post entitled "shelf-indulgent art blog".
-This post is pretty lame, but Monday's post should have a lot going on because I have a critique on Wednesday, and I'm going to make something for that this weekend. I'll also finally put up that map. I was going to start the hunt today, but the letters on the "paradise" one keep falling off-- which seems like some sort of weird allegory.


  1. Guess what? I found your bookends. Still looking for the shelf. Love, Mom

  2. ripping off marie antoinette?!
    drl <3

  3. g, haha. you caught me! good eye. i prefer to call it "appropriation"