Thursday, May 28, 2009

wasilla's finest

Dad, since you made me very happy by bringing home those surprise baguettes last night, I decided to be good and follow through on my promise to draw you that picture of Sarah Palin. 
-I've been pretty unambitious lately, but I think I'll really step up my game for my next post.  

Monday, May 25, 2009

"on a scale of one to beyonce"

-For this post, I decided to try to draw Beyonce because I saw ^this paparazzi picture and the pattern on the concrete wall behind her really caught my eye.
 The drawing I made doesn't really capture her likeness. On a scale of one to ten, with one indicating no resemblance to Beyonce and ten indicating a perfect match, I'd give it a three- kind of like Beyonce had a portrait made by a drunken caricaturist. I blame google images' poor selection of photos for this failure. 
-Also, here's a drawing of a random, imaginary woman
-Lastly, here's a self-portrait I made awhile ago. My dad really wanted me to include it in a post. I think it looks like "The Corpse Bride". 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

exciting conclusions

-Finally, here's the conclusion to the unfinished drawing I posted a few weeks ago. Sorry for the long wait. The  suspense was probably killing you. I've entitled this one "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"- I'm not exactly sure why.
-Also, I need to properly conclude a story about a boy named Daniel that I told in one of my video posts. This story ends with Daniel's mom leaving Daniel's dad for an ice skating coach. BUT, as it turns out, shortly after leaving Daniel's dad, Daniel's mom realized the foolishness of mixing dating with skating, and dumped the coach to go back to her husband. Lucky for her, Daniel's dad forgave her! So, I guess Daniel's dad was definitely not "a jerk who deserved to get left" as I speculated in the video. Instead, he seems like a pretty classy dude.
-Also, if you're kind of bored and have like 3 minutes to spare, watch this wonderful, little video that I saw on the news while waiting to get my Jeopardy on. I think I love this story so much because I'm always rooting for ducks/geese that are forced to deal with suburban sprawl. Baby ducks in a parade<3 
-I'm going to add a bonus post later tonight or tomorrow

Monday, May 18, 2009


-Once again, here's a pretty pathetic post. I didn't make anything good because I was studying for my last final today and dealing with both packing and unpacking. 
-Since I now have zero academic responsibilities,  I could do the right thing and make something cool to post about. However, I really need a tiny break. Therefore, all I have is this lame sketch of some sort of vampire situation. 
-I truly feel like this little siesta will rejuvenate my broken brain, and Thursday's post will end up being pretty stellar. Actually, I'm making an official promise that Thursday's post will be an example of my "personal best" (I'm using facebook tetris terminology- that's proof that I'm incapable of producing anything good right now)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

fake post

-As the picture above shows, I have nothing to show you today. Finals have really consumed my life. But they're almost over, and I'll actually make something decent soon.
-Those video blogs were an interesting experience. I think I combined this lady's mastery of the english language, and her ability to stay focused- while adding a splash of this woman's sanity. Seriously though, a ***star*** was born with those videos----THE CRYSTAL BALL. 
I've gotten many inquiries (like 3) about its origins and people asking if they can borrow it. This attention needs to cease because the ball is becoming a total diva. It's already demanding brand name batteries and making me sleep on the floor while it takes my bed. 
-Now, I'm off to the library!

Monday, May 11, 2009

video: happy mother's day/poor daniel

Here's the first of two gross video posts I made for this English paper that's due VERY soon. Hopefully, the paper will be a bit more eloquent than I am in this video. I haven't made anything recently (finals), so all I have to show, art-wise, is this little picture I made back in the fall.

video:***psychic*** time

-Here's the second of these awkward videos. I'm comforted only by the fact that this blog is pretty "under the radar", so very few people will ever watch these embarrassing things.  
-I must clarify, in this video, I keep saying "do men", when I should say "draw pictures of men". Taken out of their proper context, some of my quotes could be misinterpreted and seem odd/risque. 
-Sorry to any hallmates that I may have bothered with the "mystical sounds" coming from the crystal ball.  
-While waiting for the videos to upload, I had some time to kill on my computer. While doing that, I stumbled on this beautiful quote from Jessica Simpson's new Vanity Fair interview about her main squeeze, Tony Romo: "I’ve never dated a guy that was more simple." 
Beautiful. That's true love, right there. This inspired me to attempt to draw Yoko Romo in 5 minutes or less. Like Tony Romo would, I totally choked and failed miserably (but did NOT pass out in a shower afterwards). But, here it is anyhow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

this thing: pt. 1

-Here's a picture that's not done right now. Finals are looming, and I'm pretty busy/living in the library. My next post will feature the *!*exciting*!* conclusion to this picture. I'm going to add some sort of "element of chaos" because I'm kind of interested in patterns and pattern disruption.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are two pictures of Jennifer Lopez (you get weird ideas at 2am). I'm trying to teach myself to paint, so I messed around with "flesh tones" for the first one. The second one kind of looks like a demonic Beyonce. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

hip pop-culture reference

I'm not sick anymore! I finally gave up on my own healing "methods" and went to the doctor. There, I learned that I have/had(?) walking pneumonia, and received some great antibiotics. I think I was reluctant to go there and wanted to tough it out on my own because, the last time I was sick, my mom made fun of me for being dramatic and whiny by calling me "Camille"- which I now know is an allusion to this old movie about a French prostitute dealing with both a terminal illness and a love triangle.
-However, I was very un-Camille and was kind of productive while sick. I taught myself to play chess! This is big because the first time I tried to learn it a friend used this Yankees vs. Mets chess set that confused me on so many levels and made me avoid the game  for like 5 years.  The whole time, I was like trying to figure out what chess piece Mike Piazza corresponded to- it was a traumatizing mess. 
-Unfortunately, like good old Camille, I'm flawed. So, I reverted back to my bad habits and made something really repetitive. I might do a bonus post tomorrow to make up for this.
-It's kind of nice to get sick every now and then because it reminds me of my own mortality, which you can sometimes forget when you run a major blog like this.
-Is it just me, or did "Moulin Rouge" totally steal its plot from "Camille"? Maybe it's just one of those "transcendent" stories that a million things are based on?