Monday, May 4, 2009

hip pop-culture reference

I'm not sick anymore! I finally gave up on my own healing "methods" and went to the doctor. There, I learned that I have/had(?) walking pneumonia, and received some great antibiotics. I think I was reluctant to go there and wanted to tough it out on my own because, the last time I was sick, my mom made fun of me for being dramatic and whiny by calling me "Camille"- which I now know is an allusion to this old movie about a French prostitute dealing with both a terminal illness and a love triangle.
-However, I was very un-Camille and was kind of productive while sick. I taught myself to play chess! This is big because the first time I tried to learn it a friend used this Yankees vs. Mets chess set that confused me on so many levels and made me avoid the game  for like 5 years.  The whole time, I was like trying to figure out what chess piece Mike Piazza corresponded to- it was a traumatizing mess. 
-Unfortunately, like good old Camille, I'm flawed. So, I reverted back to my bad habits and made something really repetitive. I might do a bonus post tomorrow to make up for this.
-It's kind of nice to get sick every now and then because it reminds me of my own mortality, which you can sometimes forget when you run a major blog like this.
-Is it just me, or did "Moulin Rouge" totally steal its plot from "Camille"? Maybe it's just one of those "transcendent" stories that a million things are based on?

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