Thursday, May 14, 2009

fake post

-As the picture above shows, I have nothing to show you today. Finals have really consumed my life. But they're almost over, and I'll actually make something decent soon.
-Those video blogs were an interesting experience. I think I combined this lady's mastery of the english language, and her ability to stay focused- while adding a splash of this woman's sanity. Seriously though, a ***star*** was born with those videos----THE CRYSTAL BALL. 
I've gotten many inquiries (like 3) about its origins and people asking if they can borrow it. This attention needs to cease because the ball is becoming a total diva. It's already demanding brand name batteries and making me sleep on the floor while it takes my bed. 
-Now, I'm off to the library!


  1. "all the Egyptian's houses broke, and broke, and broke"

  2. yeah, the egyptians had it pretty rough during ww2.

  3. i miss ball bring it home!
    .....WHAT A WEIRDO^^^