Thursday, May 21, 2009

exciting conclusions

-Finally, here's the conclusion to the unfinished drawing I posted a few weeks ago. Sorry for the long wait. The  suspense was probably killing you. I've entitled this one "Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"- I'm not exactly sure why.
-Also, I need to properly conclude a story about a boy named Daniel that I told in one of my video posts. This story ends with Daniel's mom leaving Daniel's dad for an ice skating coach. BUT, as it turns out, shortly after leaving Daniel's dad, Daniel's mom realized the foolishness of mixing dating with skating, and dumped the coach to go back to her husband. Lucky for her, Daniel's dad forgave her! So, I guess Daniel's dad was definitely not "a jerk who deserved to get left" as I speculated in the video. Instead, he seems like a pretty classy dude.
-Also, if you're kind of bored and have like 3 minutes to spare, watch this wonderful, little video that I saw on the news while waiting to get my Jeopardy on. I think I love this story so much because I'm always rooting for ducks/geese that are forced to deal with suburban sprawl. Baby ducks in a parade<3 
-I'm going to add a bonus post later tonight or tomorrow

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