Tuesday, September 22, 2009

treasure hunt

-Here's my first sculpture project. The assignment was to use only items/skills you already have. I don't have any real experience with conventional sculpture techniques like ceramics, metalwork, or woodwork yet, so I utilized my skills of being crafty and detail oriented, I guess?
I decided to make a little, interactive "Treasure Hunt". These 5 boxes are the treasures, and I'll hide them around campus for people to find and keep if they want them.
To find the boxes, I made maps that show where the boxes are located. Hopefully people will be able to interpret the maps even though they're completely not drawn to scale and I chose to omit a lot of buildings/roads (I have no future in cartography). Once the boxes are all hidden, I'll post the maps around campus and put them in random people's mailboxes. I'll post the map on here too (viral marketing??)
These photos pretty poorly done, so I'll probably replace them with new and improved ones later.


  1. The blue one is my favorite. They all came out nice.


  2. Jodi,

    GOOD JOB! Very conceptual. It is very cool that each object contains elements from a past work. OMG!

    Keep up the good work,

  3. thanks, everyone! The OMG and paradise ones seemed to be the most popular with my class.

    mom, some of these would have made cool centerpieces for goody's bat mitzvah (it was ocean themed, right?)

    dad, i don't know what you mean by "each object contains elements from a past work" but i'll go along with it