Monday, September 28, 2009

lacking originality

-All I finished over the weekend is this picture I'm going to use to make a print from. It's basically a copy of a screenshot from the movie Cleopatra (I guess I figured Warhol made a pretty cool print based on that movie, so I'd try it too?). I feel really lame because last post's picture came from a movie too. I really need to get some original ideas.
-Then, I augmented that same boat picture one more time. Don't worry, this will truly be the last you'll ever see of it.

-Also, check back tomorrow in the AM because I'll finally post that treasure map. I think, with the aid of superglue, those pink "paradise" letters will stop falling off. Getting them to stick was seriously a miserable struggle, and it was at its worst when I was perusing good old and his wacky header appeared to be taunting me with its falling pink letters.


  1. Love the Cleo picture. Is that Liz Taylor?


  2. thanks dad! you're correct, it is her.
    i wanted to make a picture of T.O. for my 81st post, since that's his #, but the picture I tried ended up looking like an athletic dinosaur