Monday, November 30, 2009

PRINTSton university

Here's a preliminary sketch for some linocut prints I'll be making. Some say it looks like totem poles. Others say it has some sort of owl action going on. Both interpretations are cool with me
I'll put up the printed version pretty soon (tomorrow, I think?). Be warned, my finished prints tend to have a weird, unpleasantly childlike aesthetic-- sort of like "outsider art", minus the crazy life story. I think it's because I'm a bad ink-mixologist.
-Finals are approaching, so there could be a period of total blog-decline. Or, maybe I'll make lots of stuff to deal with academic stress? I'm not sure.
*sorry the finished one isn't up yet. if I don't have time to finish it tonight, it'll definitely be done after my printmaking class tomorrow morning.

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