Monday, November 2, 2009

dude, where's my camera?

-I said this post would be substantial, and it isn't. Sorry!
I also apologize for the awful "photography". I can't find my camera so I used photobooth, which didn't work out too well unless you're into "mood lighting".
Nothing makes you feel cooler than posing for webcam pics with a drawing of a scantily clad lady.
-To make up for this mess, Friday's post will be a true extravaganza featuring the big thing I expected to have done for today + more!


^photobooth funnn with my new pal! we're so warhol! we looked very sophisticated in sepia.


  1. Jodi,

    Scantily clad lady is really cool. Does the actual picture have the same colors, or did Photo Booth rebalance the colors? Perhaps you could show us the correctly colored version?


  2. thanks dad. the colors are basically the same, the paper's just white, not tannish. it's a pretty lame drawing-- photobooth made it look more alluring than it really is. Nevertheless, i'll put up a real picture of it