Monday, November 16, 2009

island+ technical documents

-Here's my third sculpture project. This time, the assignment was to make something using wood. Even though my craftsmanship is still pretty shoddy, I think I ended up learning some important wood-related skills. And it's been cool to see the things other people in my class are building
-It's basically a reinterpretation of an aesthetic I've used really recently already, which I now think is kind of boring. I just thought the island/castle/flag thing went well with the narrative theme I was going for, because it sort of involves claiming territory.
-It's still pretty unfinished, but it's due tomorrow, so after my fun all-nighter, I'll post the finished sculpture either tomorrow or Wednesday, and tell the weird (and possibly controversial), real-life story that inspired it. Prepare yourself, it's a complex tale that involves high school proms, a new unit of measurement, and a patron of the arts.
*I added some of my very advanced 'architectural drafts' just to give a sneak peak at what it'll end up like.


  1. If the Little Prince had a castle, it would look like his one.

    If any of your classmates bust on your lack of woodworking experience, just remind them that they are not George Nakashima either (


  2. hey dude, this looks coool!!

  3. -thanks dad! i <3 that book. luckily, no one commented on my lack of wood skills, but thanks for watching my back

    -thanks leah. yr 't-nails' are looking wayy cool!