Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dark room photos/color card castle

-The first two pictures are photos I took at the zoo. 
-The second is another castle thing. This time it's made of these very expensive color cards I bought for a Color Theory class that I dropped last semester. They're actually pretty fun to use.
-I wish I had more to show right now. Unfortunately, instead of working on a cool thing for the blog, I've been obsessively searching for a way to deal with this itchy sunburn that I got yesterday. I tried consulting my typical forum for health problems, Yahoo Answers. However, most of their suggestions required me to go to a drugstore (or an apothecary), which I was too lazy to do. 
Luckily, a website called gave me a weird cure---- deodorant. Thanks to that surprising home remedy (plus classy daytime drinking and self-pity), I'm feeling pretty good. 

These were the "related questions" on Once again, they get an A+ from me because these TOTALLY are the other questions that are always on my mind!
-What is the price of a pack of marlboro in new york city
-Is there protein in sperm
-How old is bradley cooper
-Who invented to ak47
-What does A D mean
-What are some fun things to do this summer 

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