Thursday, June 11, 2009


-The first thing is an unfinished picture of Tyra Banks. I chose to draw her because, yesterday, at my magazine internship, I was compiling a database of potential models. Evaluating people's profiles on "Model Mayhem", a social networking site for aspiring models, helped me relate to Tyra when she's working on America's Next Top Model. While seeing how unimpressive many of the individuals who perceive themselves as "model material" are really improved my looks-related self-confidence, the whole experience left me feeling kind of misanthropic.
-I also chose to draw Tyra because my Grandma <3loves<3 watching Top Model and I figured I could give her this picture. She really deserves a little gift from me because she gave me a lot of fun stuff after organizing a room in her house. One of the fun things she gave me is this weird story/drawing I made back in the day. I don't really get it, nor do I recall ever living in a place with more trees than there are at my current house.
-This post is pretty half-assed, so I'll do another one tomorrow. This bonus post is in no way a sign of a good work ethic. Instead, it's basically a sign that I'm way bored.
*correction: the bonus post will actually be on saturday. the weather today is too nice today for blogging

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