Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, here's my awkward blog introduction (are introductions necessary/normal for blogs?). 
Hi! My name is Jodi- no cool blogger alias....yet! I'm a sophomore in college, and I'm probably going to major in studio art. In the future, I hope to do some kind of design (graphic, textile, fashion.... who knows?)
This semester, I'm not taking any real studio art classes. I'm taking color theory, but all I'm really learning is how to become a very dull illusionist with a routine of color-based tricks. Because of this, I must build up my portfolio on my own. In theory, it should be really easy and fun to work independently without rules or specific assignments, but there's still a serious chance that I'll be lazy and not make much. Therefore, I NEED this blog to force me to do work by providing me with proof of my accomplishments (or lack thereof). 
Also, without a teacher or in-class critiques, I'm getting zero real feedback or directions- which I used to thrive on. Criticism, jealousy of cool things my peers are making, and forms of "tough love" that border on cruelty are generally quite motivational for me. Any questions, comments, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
Plus, if you ever wanted me to make something for you, I would probably do it if your idea seems like fun. I love making stuff for people because I'm running out of wall space, and there's no better incentive to finish projects than fear of letting someone down. 
The execution of this blog ended up being pretty rushed and spontaneous; hence the lame/redundant domain name, poorly done photographs, and other flaws that I have yet to discover. I sincerely apologize. I just got tired of vacillating between making this blog professional or fun, so I impulsively decided to aim to have aspects of both. Unfortunately, at the moment, the only aspects that I've achieved are the haphazardness of "fun" and the lack of pizazz associated with "professionalism".  Plus, with all the camera-taking sounds coming from my room, I feared that my neighbors thought I was taking slutty Myspace shots of myself or making some other type of creepy homemade pornography (gosh guys, I have photobooth for that!). 
So, even though I'm a complete amateur at this, please stick with me! I promise, this site will ***evolve***. In the meantime, hopefully you can find some entertainment in my mistakes. 


  1. 1. i love this
    2. i love you more
    3. would you mind doing a portrait of me from one of my fb images? preferably one i select haha
    4. this pic is SOOOOO Natalie Raps. if you dunno what that is, YouTube it. hilarious.

  2. 1. THANK YOU!
    2. once again, thanks
    3. I would definitely do a portrait of you. I love working from pictures. Send me the images whenever at It may take awhile because I'm pretty busy and have poor time management skills
    4. thanks for the natalie p. comparison! i guess i achieved the badass look i was going for.
    5. sorry i didn't respond sooner. i thought i would get an email about comments/ i never thought i would GET comments.