Tuesday, February 24, 2009

if you like this blog/me making bad decisions.... you're in luck!

Unfortunately, I decided to be a quitter and drop my Color Theory class. Honestly it needed to be done because it felt like I was trapped in some real-life version of "No Exit". Plus, I'm making the campus a safer place because I'll no longer accidentally assault innocent people with my large portfolio.  Also, because I feel guilty about dropping the class, I'll now be compensating by making more art, which means.....MORE FREQUENT BLOG UPDATES! 

I just need to figure out how to to use my pricey Color supplies despite no longer taking the class. Hmm.... Let's see....
-exact-o knife: self-defense, recreational knife fights, self-mutilation
-rubber cement: cheap drugzz
-60$ color cards: chop them up to make the most luxurious, high-class confetti ever!
-ruler: disciplining others
-foam board: ?????? beats me!
-portfolio: carry it around to make myself look cool and artsy

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