Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pattern recognition/holding pattern

Unfortunately, I'm still hooked on using this pattern, even though it went really poorly last time. Usually I give up my vices after having a bad experience with them. I'm really sorry for being so boring. Trust me, I don't like it either. I do have some reasons to justify this incessant repetition.
1. This picture isn't so big, so I didn't end up devoting that much time to it that could be spent on new things
2. I haven't been in the proper mindset to spice things up creatively, so I had to resort to my old tricks to get anything made at all. Basically, I've been feeling insane and weird, so I decided to take an "off week", where I did the minimum amount of work I could get away with  in order to have time for personal reflection. Aside from the obvious self-destructive nature of this plan, it completely failed because embracing a dysfunctional and crazy, Bartleby-esque lifestyle generally does not help you feel any less dysfunctional and crazy. 
3. I see variations of this pattern everywhere, so it's always on my mind. 
^ the sky on this japanese landscape woodblock print ^ this album cover

^ this cute map!

4. Since my excuses could potentially be interpreted as "this wasn't a very ambitious project", "I'm neurotic", and "This pattern is derivative and unoriginal", I must also defend this picture  by stating its ultimate redeeming feature...  it ****SPARKLES****


  1. Love all of the patterns. They really are everywhere!

  2. thanks mom, sorry for calling you lazy about the dog thing. no more airing personal grievances on blogs!