Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lost things :(, bonus things :), not dead things !!!!!!!!

I recently misplaced my journal. It's no great loss. I wasn't really going all Anne Frank with deep thoughts and profound observations about human nature. Plus, I never used it to gossip or talk trash about anybody, so there won't be any "scandalous diary on the loose!" drama. It was just supposed to be a place for me to write ideas down whenever inspiration struck (which NEVER happened when I actually had it). 
Overall, the journal never lived up to its potential, but I still feel the need to do a little homage to it. I randomly took some pictures of drawings from the journal   because my camera has no memory card and I need to upload my photos every 6 pictures, and it feels wrong to me to not use all 6 shots. In retrospect, it was a smart idea, i guess. So, here are the crowning achievements of my dearly departed journal: a glittery castle (plus a bonus, non-lost journal castle!) and the origins of the pattern I have become obsessed with/my descent into madness. 
The other thing is a picture/card thing I made to document a scary event I call "Attempted Rooicide '09". This weekend, my dog, Roo, either stupidly or intentionally due to V-day sorrow, ate m&ms. My parents were lazy and refused to induce vomiting or do anything, but I was so scared. He did survive- unless they're hiding his death from me, which would suck. 

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