Sunday, March 1, 2009


-Here's a new type of abstract that I'm kind of into right now. They're kind of inspired by this artist, James Siena. He makes abstracts that are kind of meticulous, math-y, and process-driven, which is what I like too! If you're curious about my *casual art world reference*, check some of his stuff here.
-Yeah, they're way reminiscent of my old favorite pattern, but there's no glitter and there's new detailing- therefore progress! I guess it's like the typical pattern is my heroin, and this one is the methadone I'm using as a substitute while I try to get over my unhealthy addiction. 
-The bluish one has a circular hole in it because the paper was originally part of a divider in the 3-subject notebook I use for my classes. Come to think of it, this act of destroying important academic items in order to facilitate making time-wasting art is scarily symbolic of my general attitude towards school. 
-The quality of these photos is pretty horrid. I would have liked to use my scanner because these are small enough, but it's  being uncooperative and physically abusive. Seriously,  I tried unplugging and replugging it to see if it would start working again, and it gave so much resistance that I whacked my hand into a wall, giving myself  bloody knuckles, which I'm actually happy about because they look pretty badass. 
-I think over my spring break I'll probably make a BIG version of one of these and scan the old ones. I know you're probably thinking... "Gosh, Jodi, I know college spring breaks are supposed to be a time for crazy debauchery, but with your plans for both scanning and monotonous art projects, things might get WAY TOO WILD!" However, you can totally relax. Having spent New Years Eve 2009 at a party with a 1:1 ratio of people over 70 years old to people under 70 years old, I can handle this. At said party, I even managed to drunkenly explain to my Grandmother how one of CNN's correspondents was once arrested for possessing meth and gay sex toys in Central Park. 

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  1. Funny, but don't waste too much time blogging (or drawing) . STUDY!!!
    See you soon