Monday, March 23, 2009

spring break confessions/awkward ranting

I must confess, my spring break was rather dull. Aside from a very ill-fated "Tequila Day", there was not much craziness.

I knew my break was going to go a bit poorly because it began with two heartbreaking events. First, the Cowboys dropped Terrell Owens. For some crazy reason, I feel like TO and I are "two birds of a feather", and I carry a torch for him. I did actually want TO to leave Dallas because Romo is a failure, but I would prefer him joining the Giants (they need a wide receiver now that Plaxico shot himself in the leg) or the Ravens (I already support them, and they have Ray Lewis, who's maybe a murderer, so TO would not be the loose cannon of the team). However, the situation really sucks because I now need to follow the Buffalo Bills and I'll no longer experience win/win scenario games when the Cowboys play the Eagles. 

The second blow occurred when I was walking around my neighborhood to visit ***the most beautiful house in the world***. Aesthetically, it combines the look of a castle, melting, and the future- my favorite things! Honestly, it's my house-soulmate and I'd be willing to go all "House of Sand and Fog" in order to make it mine. Tragically, my Mom informed me that my dream house isn't actually a house at all. It's really an indoor pool that the owners of the house next door built because someone in their family had arthritis. I still think I could make it work somehow! I could empty out the water and have a loft-style layout going on. Plus, I'll obviously convince the owners to sell it to me with my genius and poetic argument that goes, "Don't be cruel. Let me live in your pool!"
*I added some pictures (deranged stalker shotz) of this glorious pool/house

Even though my own Spring Break was debauchery-free, I figured I should honor the sleazy principles of Spring Break by showcasing some pictures of slutty ladies. If one of them looks quite familiar, it's because I made it for my Dad's friend Rob, who wanted a more "healthy" looking version of a girl in an earlier picture. Hopefully, it's what he wanted. If not, maybe the other girl in this post or one of the hot chicks I'll be drawing tonight (before my workload increases exponentially!)will be a better match.


  1. Nice friends Chuks and Ed would be in love!
    However may I request a "sazzler" who is "healthy" both above and below the waistline?
    More of a Layne Bryant body type...can't wait for the updates!

  2. I too think that you and T.O. are birds of a feather.