Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah, I haven't updated this thing for over a week, which is way lame because I've been on a staycation-style spring break- essentially, a life of zero responsibilities and extreme lethargy punctuated only by the occasional act of applying for summer internships.

Ultimately, I think this break from blogging was worth it because it led to the beginning of The Blog Renaissance. At my last post, this blog was in a period of decline- similar to the Medieval Period where artistic and intellectual pursuits were largely neglected. Actually, I kind of felt like I was living in medieval times because I was obsessively studying for my Sacred Arts of the Middle Ages midterm- a class where EVERYONE is an art history major and I'm the village idiot. Sometimes the studying was nice because I got to learn about the cathedral of my namesake ***Saint Lazare***. However, sometimes it was traumatizing because I had to confront my new, embarrassing fear of "Smiling Angel" statues. Seriously, look how creepy this thing is! Look at her arm, she's sort of making that triumphant elbow gesture as if she's like, "Fuck yes, I'm scaring you!"

I can think of no better piece to inaugurate The Blog Renaissance than a picture I've named "I'm Leaving You for your Brother Who is an Astronaut". It's pretty intellectual because it's based on my theory that women will often abandon their sanity and morals for the love of an astronaut. For example, consider the news story about that female astronaut who went on a crazed, diaper-wearing road trip and was willing to resort to violence to win back her astronaut boyfriend.

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