Sunday, March 29, 2009

blog business

Things are looking up, here at S.I.A.B Inc. (What Recession?!!- As CEO, I deserve a bonus!)

First, I found that journal I lost awhile ago. It's cool when missing things show up and aren't {{{{lost forever}}}}

Also, my camera now has a memory card, so expect better photos--- potentially. 
I bought the memory card at Microcenter, which my Dad told me was this secret mecca of hot guys, or maybe it was "underappreciated" guys. I think he thinks the men there are neat because they're so computer-savvy that they go to a hardcore store to buy things, instead of just going to the mainstream Apple Store. However, he was wrong and there were NO hotties (not that I was truly on the prowl-or was I?). Although, there was a young-ish couple that looked really cute and happy. Maybe they met at <3microcenter<3! 

Here^ are some facially-oriented pictures. I kind of experimented with painting for these, which was interesting.  The second one scares me.

These 2 ladies will be the last women you'll see here for a bit. There is currently a 23:10 ratio of  females to males in my art on this blog (unless I factor in the likely mostly male sailors that are in those boat battle pictures-then, the tables have turned). 
Therefore, in order to alleviate this unnacceptable lack of gender balance,  I've made the executive decision to make pictures of some fine gentlemen. The forecast is in, and during my next post, it's gonna be *,*,*raining men*,*,*


  1. THe last one looks like Britney!

  2. Your dad should know better than to take you to micro-center to meet guys...unless your attracted to "The Seeded Rye" body type.

    When do you turn can hang with us at Club G on Friday nights!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. -yeah, the selection was way disappointing- and i dressed up and everything! my dad has some weird theories when it comes to dating- although sometimes he's right. i think because he lives with only girls he believes he has deep insight into "what women want".
    -also, even though i'm going to do more pictures of guys, i'm still working on yours!!!!
    -21 in 7 months!!!!