Wednesday, April 1, 2009

no pranks

-Clearly, I didn't follow through with my promise to do pictures of men for my next post. I'll make them soon. This is just a spontaneous post, not a regularly-scheduled one. Plus, due to its lack of glitter and "girly" colors, this picture is quite masculine- if you subscribe to gender binary stereotypes. 
-This picture is an on-the-go thing that I worked on during class and my random spare time yesterday- kind of like glorified doodling. I'm treating it as a prototype for other pictures. 
-Mom, Dad, Grandparents(?), don't freak out. This isn't a picture of a million crosses. It's just a pattern (inspired by chemicals and decay) with no religious significance. Although, I feel like you guys would be much more upset if I became a Republican or a PC-user than if I converted to Christianity.
-Wow, it's the 25th post! This feels milestone-ish. This blog's youth is fading rapidly as it approaches adulthood. I guess the party's over and I can  look forward to a  future of the blog equivalents of responsibilities, reproduction, aging, decline, and death!


  1. oh no! aging!
    can your blog get pregnant?
    i like it by the way.

  2. thank you! i don't think blogs can get knocked up. maybe to deal with that life stage, i'll just draw pregnant women and later some babies or something.would you potentially want me to make a custom version of that instead of a britney picture for your "the economy suxx" birthday gift???

  3. Hey! Don't ever become a pc user. Conficker sux.