Saturday, April 4, 2009

too much pink in this post

-I've been on a little nomadic journey (school/nyc/home/nyc/school) for interviews and other random things for the last couple of days. I had to travel light, so I didn't bring any art materials-  sorry if the new picture is way boring. Now that I'm back, things will get better. Actually, I'll be making a new post tomorrow, once I take pictures of the new stuff at a normal hour. If only my camera were more discreet- even its silent setting is quite noisy.
-I'm sharing a random thing in an attempt to make this post less lame. My sister and I submitted this to failblog, but they're pretty selective, so I don't think it'll get posted. Luckily, I can put whatever I want on my blog...
-So, while I was home, my Dad was teaching my sister about parking by using our old Barbie cars. During this lesson, we couldn't help but notice the odd name given to our Barbie boat- "S.S. Anxiety". I admit, I don't know much about the nautical lifestyle, but that seems like a pretty strange name to give one's pleasure boat. Although, it sort of makes sense because I'd be pretty anxious if I were trying to sail the high seas in a boat with a blue and dangerously opaque windshield. 
-I checked, and "S.S. Anxiety" is not on their very comprehensive list.  I browsed the names for a bit, and here are some clever titles for all you future boat-owners: Sea is for Cookie, Sea-nile, Sea++  (dad, a c++ computer programming reference! it's your sailing soulmate!), Slightbreeze.calm, and Serious Relaxation aka Six Pack Summer (my booze-cruise dream). I only searched the S-index because I wasn't that bored.

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  1. If I ever get a boat, I will either name it Chinoise or Bianca, both leftover names that I never had a chance to use.