Sunday, April 12, 2009

bloody guys/fishing for insults

-Here's picture with TWO guys. Yeah, they're all bloody and one has some sort of bullet wound, but they're still improving my boy/girl ratio.  I might do another, more painting-ish, version of this once I buy some red paint for the wound parts. Or, maybe I'll just be hardcore/economical and use my own blood.

-On a separate note, I LOVE<3 receiving blog comments. If I were offered either a bag containing candy and jewels or the guarantee of many comments, I don't know which I would choose. I would probably like getting comments even if they were just sequences of random letters, digits, and other keyboard symbols. Nonetheless, I'm a little disappointed that I haven't gotten real criticism- except from Rob, who has provided me with good feedback. I just feel lost and need someone to boss me around, so in the future, expect some sort of blog-project that addresses my need for direction. 


  1. yes, i definitely <3 this comment

  2. Hi Jodi,

    Nice to see you are drawing men. I'd like you to try real men next. How about McNabb, Andy Reed (the coach) or Yoko Romo?


    P.S. - Don't forget to back up your computer!

  3. dude, "yoko romo" refers to jessica simpson, NOT TONY ROMO. Reed makes me too angry. Actually, I might draw mcnabb throwing up during a game as he loves to do.... glittery vomit?!