Monday, April 27, 2009

at least this post has a pretty hyperlink

-Due to the lethal combination of having many assignments due tomorrow and a gross sore throat, I've produced a really lame post. I think this new scheduled posting scheme exacerbated the lameness. Luckily, unless I have Swine Flu, Thursday's post will be much better. Even if I have do have it and blog from my deathbed, things will definitely improve. 
-This picture illustrates how, when I'm sick, I'm too lazy to do things like wash brushes, get out colors other than blue and white, and stay focused- therefore producing subpar work. It's is a larger version of an abstract sketch I made of this boat with a plastic cover over it, that I saw while I was on a train this weekend. As I was finishing it, I kept thinking "this looks familiar", but I assumed that was just because it's based on something I saw in real life. But now I realize that it looks like this album cover- except not good on any level. Sorry, Islands!
-Even though it led to this monstrosity, that train ride was cool because I got to help this woman from Korea with her "Expanding English Proficiency" homework. It was surprisingly fun! She was working on the "Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel" Chapter, which was really saucy to act out and taught me some practical colloquialisms that will surely impress any police, coroners, or private investigators that I have future interaction with. 

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