Sunday, December 13, 2009

situation tragedy

Here's the video blog that finally tells the story behind 'all the proms'. I think, for this one, I'm kind of chanelling those video blogs people record while on ambien, or an episode of Intervention.
It's very long (seriously, in this time, you could watch 1/3 of your favorite half-hour tv program), so FEEL FREE TO ABSTAIN FROM WATCHING!!!!
My webcam application kept stalling out, so I had to splice three smaller videos together, and there are some sound/pixelation issues-- but, sadly, those technical issues are the least of this video's problems.

I must reiterate, the person who the sculpture is devoted to is a COOL GUY. He's actually the person who made ***Poolchair Graveyard***

^evidently, he's a graveyard fan

*I might add another post tonight that actually contains some new pictures (more prints. surprise, surprise)

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