Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are some 'fresh prints', if you will. Sorry I was so late getting things together.
While in the printmaking studio, I actually recorded a video-blog that addresses the 'all the proms story'. Even though it's too long, and likely very gross, I'll upload it. But first, since it involves people she knows, I think I need to get my sister's approval, which will have to wait a bit because i don't believe she's up at 6AM on a Saturday.
EDIT:: the video isn't really uploading for some reason (maybe I lack bandwith??), but I'll try to take care of that soon.


  1. Wow - were you up all night making those? They are fabulous. They should be the inspiration for some sort of children's book. See you soon! Miss you!

  2. thanks, mom!
    i was up all night making them-- i got a really late start though. it was an interesting night. while i was taking a break outside, i chilled w/ a feral cat. and then i spilled a lot of blue ink on myself, and i still look like i had some sort of physical altercation w/ the blue man group. fun times!


  3. these are super cool! :D