Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are some new, two-faced prints for my final project. I'm pretty desperate to make new posts to push that video-blog away from sight. Although, I do look like some kind of cool, karate-chopping robot in the screenshot the video shows when it's not in play mode.
Sorry if all these similar prints are really boring. It's no fun making them anymore. The studio is such a mess, and I think it's a solid example of 'tragedy of the commons'. Luckily, print-season is almost over
*Also, if you're on the Vassar campus and heading to or from the ever-popular library, check out the bunker my sculpture class made as our group project. It holds a fake corpse of Matthew Vassar. Unfortunately, I was pretty delirious after setting it up in the snow, and for some reason told a bunch of people the corpse was Michael Jackson (which, in retrospect, I would have liked).

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