Friday, July 16, 2010

public transit

-Here are some photos that'll be the basis of the next thing I'll make They're of the Temple University train station, which I see whenever I commute by train. Sorry if these photos don't really capture the essence of what I like about the station-- someone was being mad protective of their car and really wanted to eat lunch.
I just really think the whole train platform has this interesting postmodern look and is really cool looking, especially the columns-- I guess I'm kind of drawn to strange things. Some say I like this train station so much because it looks like a headband and a pair of pants that I have, but I think that's not the reason, just something logical.
I'm going to make a few sculptural things based on those columns. And then, (since my parents would probably not be down with using my house for this) once I'm back at school, I might make some sort of installation/setting for the sculptures.
-First thing, I'll have to go to Home Depot (a place I fear for reasons I might share later) and get some supplies.
The #1 rule of Home Depot: DON'T FUCK AROUND AT HOME DEPOT!
-I'll definitely have photos of the finished Bermuda boat painting up way soon.


  1. Jodi,

    Thanks for reminding me about how much I also like that station. It is a real architectural gem. Ironically, it is in one of the bleakest, depressed spots in North Philly. BTW, that mad protective someone was wise to be cautious in that neighborhood.


  2. yo dog(i tried typing dog like six times it kept coming out as god...a sign?)
    when you go to Home Depot do you think you could pick my up some of those really cool boots you saw before...they were REALLY CLEAN.