Friday, July 2, 2010

at&t book pages (carbonite recovery edition)

Here are some more AT&T book pages. I had to weed out the pages I didn't like, and then get it to a page number that was divisible by four, so I decided to make some new ones before publising it-- fascinating. I've such a pitiful job of blogging lately, but I'm definitely getting my act together, in ways. I'm making a painting (on canvas!) for my aunt and uncle which should be mostly done for Monday.


  1. You should make one about the ATT National Golf Tournament. It's taking place this weekend in the Philly area. Tiger is doing pretty poorly. Check it out!

  2. Your Favorite Aunt says awesome - both to the conceptual work and the painting you are working on for me (unless you mean the other ones and I am heartbroken).