Friday, July 9, 2010

post-cruise thoughts

Here's the start to the new painting I'm making for my aunt and uncle. Sorry there's not much done yet, I started one and it ended up being unsalvageable, so I started over. Since we just went on that family cruise vacation together, I'll try to give it some "bermuda vibes". Maybe, since they abstained from the actual boat part of the trip, I should also incorporate some subtle "cruise ship vibes"???

Speaking of the cruise, I kind of blame going away for failing to keep up with my blog schedule lately. I think I got lost in some sort of bermuda triangle internet-thing. Seriously though, since I only have less than 2 months until school resumes, I really need to produce some decent summer work (no boats/at&t i promise).

Lastly, here are some of the top moments of enlightenment/genius that I (and goody) experienced while on that cruise::
-"This is such poorly photographied"
-"I knew when we collided. You're the one, I have decided. I'm going to murder you"
(a variation on this ubiquitous song/cruise ship "jam")
-Goody: It's like we're on vacation with Tobias from Arrested Development
Me: At least he's not cool
Me: Wait. I just meant "he's not cool". I don't know what the "at least" was for
-Me: Ben, what animals live in the ocean?
Me: Are there fish in the ocean?
Ben: The ocean is empty
(a very existentialist 3year old)

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  1. The Ocean is empty. It is nothing.