Friday, July 30, 2010

multitasking in august

Sorry I've been flaking out on blogging lately. I've had no good ideas lately, so I've been trying to do a lot of reading/seeing things/learning about stuff to get inspiration for the things I'll be making for school in the fall. Excuses, excuses.
Since July is basically over, and I have a critique right when school starts, I do really need to hurry up and make some summer work.

^ Here are quick sketches for a big picture about Germany. It should actually be quick to make

^ a (hopefully) structurally sound box that'll end up looking like those pink columns


  1. Jodi,

    You should tell everyone about your work in film:


  2. Hehe. I HAD to look, 'cause of your blog title! At-least you're honest about it. :-P I always wonder, as I'm writing mine, "Who's gonna see this anyway?"

    Great work, btw!

  3. used to do alot of sketching myself when i was younger. bespoke canvas pictures i then went on to painting which i now turn into photo canvas prints. come a long way eh