Sunday, July 5, 2009

title: couple on vacation, with pixelation

-This picture doesn't achieve my goal of diversifying what I'm making (although, it has little flowers and vines- which are kind of new for me).
It's just that my grandma asked me design a logo for t-shirts for a family cruise we're taking (a very clever idea on her part, because, otherwise, I'd probably not be so into the matching shirt thing), so I wanted to quickly make something that would get me into the proper nautical/vacation mindset before getting to work on that. However, unlike this picture, the cruise we're taking will be completely not raunchy
-Monday's post will be much more "inspiration quest-y".
-Also, I'm switching up the schedule a bit. From now on, I'll do new posts on Mondays (like before) and Fridays.

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