Monday, July 13, 2009

stripping for eagle dollars

-For this post, I decided to make another picture based on that playboy/sxsw party. This time, it's of a lady who is apparently both a playboy model and a dj for parties- a renaissance woman of sorts.
I think i'm just really into doing pictures of women in morally compromising situations (although playboy is pretty innocuous) because i can't stop thinking about this story another intern at my work told me awhile ago:
He told me that he also works as a substitute teacher, and at an elementary school where he works, they have a policy of rewarding kids for good behavior by giving them "Eagle Dollars", which they can later use to buy little prizes.
It sounds like a smart plan, but, unfortunately, kids (especially the little girls) are willing to do some pretty twisted things for eagle dollars- like using playground structures to pole dance on and giving lapdances : (.
I probably can't get this story out of my head because I know that, back in the day, if I were in that situation, I totally would have been the one willing to do some sick shit for eagle dollars. I'm so easily manipulated by positive reinforcement!
-Sorry if the art is kind of lacking. I'm working on a BIG picture that should be ready for Friday's post.

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