Monday, July 20, 2009

first lady... elaine??

-Once again, this is not the big picture I keep talking about-- although, it is much larger than most of the stuff I've been making lately.
-I know I'm quite late on the whole "homage to Michael Jackson" trend, but I still wanted to make a picture based on a time he was honored by Ronald and Nancy Reagan. I guess, I just thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of people. I also thought my uncle might like this one because he's a big Reagan fan for some reason. Plus, MJ was a pretty stylish dude--especially back then with those jackets.
-It's not finished yet, so I'll put up the finished version in my next post. I wish I could've finished it for this one, but it took SO much time and energy to draw Nancy Reagan because I kept making her look like Lady Elaine from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" (warning: this hyperlink is way scary).

^I just wanted to add a photo of MJ hangin' out with a president that I like

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