Monday, April 5, 2010

nautical sketch

Here's the start to the newest boat battle picture. It's way repetitive. I just was feeling tapped out of ideas and found these cool drawings of the Sino-Japanese War, so it seemed like a good idea to make something based on them. I promise, this one will look pretty different than the others once it's finished. Plus, while working on this, I concluded that I should probably add Maritime Law School to my list of intriguing post-grad plans.

My apologies for not having much despite taking a week off. It was the first warm weather weekend, so my work ethic was really lacking, but I'll get my act together and start being productive.


  1. Jodi,

    Another post graduation option is maritime sketch artist. Victims of Somali Pirates could describe the skiffs that attacked them and you could draw/paint pictures of the crime.


    ^let's buy a party barge-- i think we need one

    "skiff"-- cool vocab