Thursday, April 8, 2010

coming soon

Here's the finished boat picture from Monday. Not quite done yet

For the next couple of weeks, there probably won't be anything really big to post about because a lot of my time will be spent working on my next sculpture assignment, which is to revisit an old project so that it's ready to be in an art show.
I'm making a video that goes along with the backpack setup, but it might be awhile before there's anything tangible. For example, all I've really done so far is "solicit help from others" and "select the wardrobe"-- very important steps, but not too compelling to blog about. I wish I were working on something where I could build something solid and bring some instant gratification.
I wanted to make a sequel to "All The Proms" that, this time, would tell the heartwarming story of a Nigerian email scam, but that plan got shot down because it was bending the rules too much-- tragic. Mark my words: One day, I shall make this project happen.

Also, sorry for letting the good old schedule fall by the wayside once again, but I'm heading home for the weekend to hang out with my Dad and see my sister go to prom, so I might not be able to have a post ready for Monday. I have this plan to make something a little odd while I'm home, so I'm thinking I'll actually get something together.

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